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2016 satisfied most of my traveling wish list of destinations. 2017 on will be single destination visits, mainly to visit friends.

Jan – New Caledonia & Vanuatu.

Feb – Queen Elizabeth with a group of Car Club members visiting Hobart, Kangaroo Island, a luncheon with Victorian branch members in Melbourne

March to May – South American Expedition first by ship up the west coast from Ushuaia, visiting 19 ports, and also Machua Picchu, Nazca lines, Little Galapagos, native villages. Through the Panama Canal to Cartagena, then to Beaus Aires visiting the city sights and also using the city as a base to visit Juan Fangio’s Museum in Balcarce, with side visits to Uruguay, and Iguazu Falls.

May to August – Around the world cruise from and returning to Sydney with the following statistics:

Round the World Voyage statistics:

Duration:           104 days
Clock Changes:  33
Nautical Miles:  34179
Statue Miles:     39306
Kilometres:        63299
Fuel usage:       13,600 Tonnes     –     Cost USD10,880,000
Mileage:             207 Litres per kilometre
Water Use:     78 million litres  = 260 Litres per person per day
Continents:        5
Ports of call:      39
Oceans crossed: 3
Seas crossed:     22
Bridges transited: 7
Lowest clearance: Sydney Harbour Bridge – 49 meters
Highest clearance: Centennial Bridge Panama – 80 meters
Four corner Ports reached:
South:   Melbourne AU 37deg 49min S
North:   Helsinki FL 60deg 10 min N
East:      Auckland NZ 174deg 47 min E
West:    Raiatea FP 151deg 27 min W



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