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Having settled into my new abode, my first overseas trip was in March, to Oman to have an extended look – having been there for a day on the 2016 world cruise – and spend time with the RNO who played for the first time in Oman Opera House

June saw me on the steppe in Kyzylorda, northern Kazakhstan, to witness the returning ISS Astronauts Flight 54  from the space station landing on site 6 ( they touched down late, by .0002th of a second) All Soyuz programs are totally automatic and an eco-friendly that operate within .000th of a second – at any time the commander can take control.

It was a major event for the Japanese as their Astronaut Norishige Kanai was returning. I joined the Japanese media expedition (as a rookie journalist)  in the place of the Japanese Ambassador who changed his plans to helicopter in and out on touch down day.

Here is a link of expedition: http://starcity-tours.com/blog/spacecraft-landing-tour-june-2018/

I then flew across Kazakhstan to witness the replacing Astronauts leave the Baikonur Cosmodrome in southern Kazakhstan on Flight 56 – link: http://starcity-tours.com/blog/baikonur-tour-soyuz-ms-09-launch/

Enroute to Kazakhstan, I transited Incheon and experience the Maglev train that services the airport and island hotels – Free!

September I did my annual pilgrimage to Moscow for the RNO Festival and light show and visit friends

Finishing this year off as a tourist in my own city, visiting many local attractions and restaurants.


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