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These pages cover the Begg-Thompson family and relatives. They are being updated as and when new information, photographs, and corrections become available.


By kind permission of Flossy (Dale) Byron a summary of my mother & dad’s history follows. It is part of the Kevin Byron family history publication.

Robert Trylbodox BEGG (nee THOMPSON) – 1903 – 1974   – by Dale Byron 1995

Robert was born to William Thompson 1903,Elizabeth married John Begg  1916 and in 1918 John Begg who was born 1874 Towie Aberdeenshire Scotland became the official Foster Father and made a declaration of such at Narrandera on 13 march 1918. John and Elizabeth lived at “Pine Grove” Narrandera ,he was a landholder & grazier.

Robert married Daphne Oriel Haberecht on 9th November 1942 and was the proprietor of the Junee Athenian Theatre and was also the local film distributor. Robert was alderman of the Junee Council from 1941 to 1947 and served as Mayor from March 1944 to December 1944 and from December 1945 to December 1947.

During his term on council he completed several projects being Town Sewerage and Drainage, Electrification of the Town Area the opening of the Olympic Swimming Pool and opening of the then largest Railway Roundhouse in the Southern hemisphere and still operational and also was successful in obtaining the building of 15 homes under the War Time Housing Scheme. As Mayor Robert was involved in setting up the Snowy River Hydro Electrical Development League later to become the Snowy Mountains Authority for the region.

Robert extended his business  interest to include a chain of Frock Salons called ROXANNE and these were in Gundagai , Tumbarumba, Temora and Junee.

In 1948 Robert purchased the Belmore Cafe in Junee.

In 1950 Robert & Oriel along with son John and daughter Maree moved to Lennox Head on the far north coast of N.S.W. where he bought a block of holiday flats and a public hall. At that time the village had no electricity, town water or sewerage. However it did have a manual telephone exchange which operated 20hours a week or on the whim of the postmaster.

Robert joined the Progress Association and served around 10 years in which time they were successful in electrifying the village, automating the telephone exchange and getting plans drawn up for a permanent water supply to be connected later.

In 1952 Robert & Oriel established an Ice Depot, 1953, a Bait Shop & half share in a market garden, which proved to be good in school holidays etc when the village would increase in population twelve fold. Robert also worked for a local mining company until 1958 when he took on a permanent position with the Dept. of Main Roads at Ballina. During this period he added to his family, Bobbie Oriel 1951 , Vicki Avrille 1954, Laurie Iris 1956 and Ian Robert  1963.

In 1965 Robert, Oriel ,Bobbie, Vickie, Laurie & Ian all moved to Wagga Wagga where Robert joined his father-in-law Willie Haberecht in the cordial factory till 1967.

Son John was working in Gosford at the Commercial Banking Co. Daughter Maree was working at the Television Station in Lismore.

Oriel and Robert divorced in 1968 and he moved back to Junee and lived at Lord St, taking a position as Manager of the Junee Caravan Park till his death in 1974. He is buried in Junee.

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