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This page covers my lineage family members (see ancestors page as well)

2009 Dec My Family Tree PDF

2012 Jul John W Begg Pedigree Chart

2012 Jul Kinship Report

2012 Jul John W Begg Extended Family Chart


Robert Trylbodox BEGG (nee Thompson)

Images are at the bottom of the page after text Robert Trylbodox BEGG (nee Thompson) – Bob Begg 29th Sept 1903 – 21st April 1974 Robert was born on September 29th,... read more >>

Daphne Oriel Begg – nee Haberecht

Images are at the bottom of the page after text 2011 Dec Robert & Oriel Begg lineage desendants PDF Daphne Oriel BEGG (Granny Begg) 8th May 1922 – 21st April 2015... read more >>

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